Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Class In A Box

Copyright notice and terms of use for Auryn Beorn's scripting/building classes

LAST UPDATE: 2013-03-24

By purchasing my «Class in a Box», you're purchasing carefully elaborated supplies, most of them without perms restrictions, plus detailed, informative notes and/or books with instructions and explanations about the topic. Some of these classes were taught from 2010 June to 2012 September while I was at the Builder's Brewery, and others are completely new.

You're agreeing with these conditions when you purchase any of my «Class in a Box» items:

  • All the notes, scripts and other supplies made by me are not for resale or being given away.
  • You can use and modify my scripts/other supplies in your own builds, and sell your builds with them included (see note below).
  • You are not allowed to use my scripts/other supplies in the boxes to give your own classes.
  • You can't use my class notes/books, nor parts of them, for you giving your own classes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use the scripts in your builds/kits, ALWAYS set the permissions for next owner, for them, to NO MODIFY *AND* either NO COPY or NO TRANSFER. Also, if you use the textures, sculpt maps, sounds, animations, mesh in your builds, set them to NO COPY, or to NO TRANSFER.