Saturday, August 3, 2013

Modelling Basics series gets to an end this weekend!

Modelling Basics 4 closes the "Modelling Basics" series by offering a big deal of information: we go from studying the mesh primitive types, to slipping into "Edit Mode", and then we learn all the basic operations, several selection methods, proportional editing, what to delete means in edit mode and how to perform it, extruding, loops... Together with it, we've released a proposed exercises book, which is free. Make sure of looking for it in the Blender bookcase at the store, grab yours, and give them a try!

Auryn is taking a break during August. She'll be around in SL, but not for work. Should you have any issues with the scripts/tools, please make sure of following and completing the assistance form. Delivery issues will be dealt with in any case. The Blender books series will resume by mid September - October.

Modelling Basics 4 is released to L$60 during the weekend, grab it before the price raises!