Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Presenter and Multi Door tools, available

I'm very happy to announce the two following tools in my store: the presenter and the multi door tool.

The presenter comes from more than 16 months of teaching experience in SL. I began developing a simple notecard reader that nowadays has derived in a really helpful and featured tool.

It's not my word, but what all people that have helped me testing say, including people as Eleanora Newell, whose suggestions I have to say, have been my pleasure to work on, for the tool being the most complete possible in this first official release.

So, are you an instructor? Not an instructor but need to conduce a presentation?

Take a look at this, then. You won't regret it.

[Black Tulip] Presenter, available at Marketplace.

The second item in this release is the Multi-Door/Drawer/Curtain/lid Tool. A set of scripts that will make your life really easy for your houses, furniture or other items to have their doors, drawers, lid, etc, open and close, at a really low lag cost.

One of the common nightmares for builders is to have linked doors, drawers, etc, in their builds, so they can easily setup all and offer a link set, not a soft link, to their customers. This tool comes to help all of them.

[Black Tulip] Multi-Door/Drawer/Curtain, available at Marketplace.