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Frequently Asked Questions/Requests, and Inworld Group Rules

Frequently Asked Questions/Requests

Before sending an IM with your question/request, make sure that the question isn't answered here. It will save time to you and us. Thank you!

I don't know what's a transaction record/where to find them
(Transaction Record, Explained)

If you've never heard about your transaction records, or you feel unsure about how to retrieve them, please follow these steps:

  • First, log into the SL website with your user name and password.
  • Then, you see a column to the left, with your account name and several options: Home, Account, Events, Shop, Land Manager. You should see a little triangle pointing to the right, after the Account option. When you click this, you see more options expand.
  • Click on the L$ Transaction History option.

This opens a page showing the transactions of your account. Select the day, or the dates range that is close to when you made this purchase (on the Date Range selectors), and then click on the View button. When you find the transaction corresponding to your purchase, do this:

  • Click here for the Customer Support Form. Fill the Your SL Name field, and then click on I need a redelivery or I bought something twice, depending on the issue.
  • Copy the following data from the L$ Transaction History page, corresponding to your purchase:

    Date / time     ID prefix     Detail     Debit

Of course, in here, you copy/paste the specific Date/time, ID prefix, etc. from your purchase. Send the form.

If your purchase was made through Marketplace, go to the Marketplace website, and look at the top, where it says: My Marketplace. Click on the little triangle pointing down, and select this option: My account.

There's a column to the left with several links. One of them reads as Order history. Click on that one.

The whole list of all of your Marketplace purchases show. Simply look through them until you find your order. When you find it:

  • Click on "View invoice" (It's a link showing under the date, order number, etc. corresponding to your purchase)
  • Click here for the Customer Support Form. Fill the Your SL Name field, and then click on I need a redelivery or I bought something twice, depending on the issue.
  • Copy all the data relative to that item's purchase, particularly, the data for:
    Invoice # NUMBER
        Ordered on DATE
        Order Status: Delivered
    The Invoice number, and the date, are the most relevant items here. They show prominently on the invoice data.
  • Copy the transaction record information from the transaction records page, as explained above.
  • Also, copy the link of the item you bought, to make it easier to identify.

The ad says the item I purchased is copy/modify, but it appears as copy/no modify in my inventory. Please send me a copy/modify item.

Unless we're speaking of scripts for designers (which are C/NM/T), whenever the ad says that an item is copy/modify, it means that the object itself is copy/modify. However, scripts contained in said object, animations, sound clips... may not be copy/modify, and will likely have more restricted permissions, such as copy/no modify. When this happens, in inventory, permissions of the whole will show as the most restricted, like the copy/no modify that you report. But once you rez the item, you will realize that the object itself has copy/modify permissions. The way permissions behave in SL, make the item show as more restricted, but it isn't.

HUDs are excluded from this: All HUDs are copy/no modify/no transfer.

Check this article if you want to learn more about permissions in SL: "Creator Resource: Permissions - Basics"

The ad says the item I purchased is copy/modify, but the script contained is copy/no modify/no transfer. Please send me a copy/modify script.

Read the answer to The ad says the item I purchased is copy/modify, but it appears as copy/no modify in my inventory. Please send me a copy/modify item.

It's also worth noting that if a script were sent in copy/modify state, in practical terms, it's like having the script as full permissions. With very little exceptions that are noted on the ad, no scripts are ever sold as full permissions, and much less, on an item with just copy/modify but no transfer permissions.

Inworld Group and Store Rules

In order to keep peace, there's the need of some rules. We haven't many, but still, we urge you to read them. Whether you know them or not, if you don't abide by them, you could end up banned from the group and the sim.

The join fee is non refundable. If you leave the group and later want to rejoin, you will have to pay again. Do not ask for a refund!

Group chat is more than okay to ask for help, share tips, even banter if people feel like sharing anecdotes. There are just a few things not allowed in group chat:

  • Advertisement of any kind/begging.
  • Marketplace links. In case someone asks for a certain product, and you happen to know one that it is for sale at the marketplace, which is not a Black Tulip product, then please, use IM to share that link with whoever asked.
  • Complaining for non delivery, particularly if neither Auryn Beorn nor Sei Lisa are the creators of the item. Use the Customer Support Form in case of failed delivery. Beware that there's a different policy for gachas.
  • If you hear of a rumor, do not spread it in group chat.
  • Do not warn against another resident/defame another resident, no matter how good your intentions.
  • Do not spread misinformation. This includes the recurrent warnings of "if you accept this item it will hack your account, delete your inventory, and steal all your money". Talk to Auryn Beorn first, and she will decide how to warn, if a warning is needed.

Falling into anything of the above could cause you to be ejected and banned from the store group.

If there are issues in chat (a fight, spreading false information, someone ignoring the not allowed rules stated before...), please notify Auryn Beorn about this, but do not copy chat logs under any circumstance!

The sim is open to the public, and free for you to explore and use everything that is set on it. We don't want to police the way you can have fun, so we ask you to observe the following, very easy rules:

  1. Do not fly above 100 m. Otherwise, a script will eject you. The script doesn't ban, so you can be back to the sim. Simply, remember: Never above 100 meters!
  2. Stay minimally dressed in the stores and their entrance areas. We have no problem with nudity, but other customers could.
  3. The most important rule: Have fun! We try to improve the sim to make of it a place where you'd like to hang out, not just shop.
  4. Unless you have fun by harassing/griefing other people in the sim. That is not welcome.

If you observe a griefer, notify Auryn Beorn about this and explain what happens. Never attempt to take on this by yourself. If there's a griefer in the sim, Auryn Beorn will deal with the situation as soon as she's notified.