Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Animations, a Sculpt Set and a Book

Autumn is here and we begin feeling like crawling into bed. Then let's crawl into this sculpted bed and night table set, and warm it in the two solo female adult animations. Also, the animation book series continues with the release of QAvimator 1 (Poses and Props). Everything new, everything set to L$60. Prices are good this weekend, grab them before they go up!


Check here the adult animation ads

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend deals and the Twisted Hunt

This weekend we have a new release in the store, set to L$60 for Sixty Linden Weekends, plus a couple of hunts that have started.

The new release is a slide show script for one prim, with some extra options. It will allow you to display a slide show on the face of a prim, incorporating all the textures you install into the object, changing slides either upon touch or on a timed interval.

There are some owner only functions:
  • Decide if the slides will be switched upon touch or on a timed interval
  • Set the full bright property of the picture on or off
  • Set the timer interval
  • Set which face of the prim will display the slides

The documentation also includes an Appendix which explains how to optimize the LI of the builds you create with this script, when it is possible.

Regarding the hunts. One is Too cute to be true. For this one I've made a full permissions animation for creators. This time I've made it a bit more complicated to find.

Then, the other hunt running this month...

Yes, that's it. The Twisted Hunt. I'm already dressing the store for the event, so expect it to be changing during the month. Expect also the boxes to be changing location during this time.

My personal theme for this run of the Twisted Hunt is Alice in Wonderland. I will try that all the hints are quotes from the book. There's an Alice setup in the store, but this of course doesn't mean the gifts will be there. They may, or may not, it depends of what I decide when I change them.

Once the current hint is not useful anymore, I will publish it together with the location the gift was in. That means, when you see a hint published here... I've moved the gift.

There's the regular gift, and one for petites. Enjoy!