Thursday, December 6, 2012

SL Christmas Expo opens today!

The SL Christmas Expo 2012 has opened today at 7 AM SLT. In support of Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society, the Christmas Expo will be open until December 19th at 10PM SLT.

Spanning four SL regions, SL residents will be able to find Christmas gifts, find free 'Naughty or Nice' giveaway gifts being given out by every vendor, or visit Santa and have pictures taken. Residents can attend one of the many events: The Avi Choice Awards, Race for the Bells (a contest), Breedables One-Of-A-Kind Auction, Auction/Raffle and, of course, shopping and live music/DJ.

And here we are, in the region #1:

See you there!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

[RETIRED] Multiavatar Staff Pager V2 and Animations Weekend

For this event of Builder's Bargains, we've released an updated version of the multi avatar staff pager board. Most likely, one of the lowest lag and LI (Land Impact) multi avatar staff boards in all the grid.

Optimized scripts from the previous version, and optimized LI of the pre-made, included boards. Thanks to this, you may have up to 50 avatars in a single, linked board, using the minimum possible of resources.

Highly customizable, group/white list management functions, backup ability, and new auxiliary tool included for you to set it up easily, make of this board an essential tool in your business.


Sixty Linden Weekends is here, and for this event we're in animating mood. Stop by the store and take a look to the SIX NEW animations released this weekend. Each of them, L$60 this weekend only.


Also, "Hidden Gems Hunt", organized by the Super Sales Weekend team, has just started. Your gift, should you decide to stop by the adult store and hunt for it :-)


This is the last hunt of the year where Black Tulip participates. Have fun!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday and new releases

Welcome to a crazy sales weekend! Black Friday is here, and Black Tulip joins by having all the new items set to L$60 during the weekend, but also, having a 50% off sale for several items at both the main and adult stores.

The QAvimator series continues with the third book, "Animating avatars". As a special deal for this sales weekend, the prerequisite books have also been set to L$60. Then we have more animations and poses for creators, together with a not-your-everyday-giver script. Two hunts have started ("Full Perm Hunt 7 - Sculpts Only" and "Silver Lining" from the "Monochrome Hunts" series). There's just a lot to see this weekend!

Click here for the adult ads.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Particles... and more

The weekend is here, and we have now released a new book for the particles series (flow and motion) as well as three animations. One of those animations is a sequence, ready to work with the "Take It Off!" attachment system that was released Thursday. Release prices are good now, Monday they will go up again.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Black Tulip, at the SL Christmas Expo

Mark your calendars from December 6th to 19th, for the 2nd edition of the SL Christmas Expo, in support of Relay For Life, is coming! Black Tulip has joined as sponsor in the gold category in what we hope will be a fun event. All the information can be found at their blog:

I'll see you there!

PS: Builder's Bargains is at the store! List coming tomorrow!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New MLP book and weekend deals

The MLP series continues with a book devoted to study how to make wonders with the pose balls. Don't be afraid if you're not a scripter!

While the news for next week arrive, you can also check the books and script set to 60 L$ this weekend too.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Basic Scripting for Builders 4" is here! (And yet more news)

Long time awaited, "Basic Scripting for Builders 4" is here, and is released under 60 L$ weekends! It covers a lot of material and makes this series to be closer to its end.

Then we have a featured mailbox tool, sculpted desktop mailboxes too, and a new animation and poses. Everything is released new and set to L$60. Prices are good this weekend, stop by the store before they go up!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sei Lisa joins "Black Tulip"

Let's welcome Sei Lisa to "Black Tulip". She's a very skilled scripter that has joined me and will surprise us with RLV enabled and adult items as well as other tools and amazing animated items.

I'm very glad to have her here, and soon you will know of her creations.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas Newness and more!

Can you hear it? It's the sound of Christmas arriving. Let's get ready by building a lovely snowglobe, and add some script magic to it. Also, we have a couple of new animations, and the "Sit Target for Builders" book. Everything released new and set to L$60. Prices are good this weekend, stop by the store before they go up!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

New books, animations and a script

The weekend is here again, and Black Tulip has released SIX new items this time. Five of them are set to L$60 only this weekend (THREE Books and two animations):

Click here for the adult ads.

Then, for Builder's Bargains, we have a texture-only version of the Texture Changer and Integrated Resizer for Jewerly. It's set this weekend to L$395, grab it before the price rises.


Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Items and Winter Market

I've been busy! And the result is this update.

Sixty Linden Weekends

Still not ready for Halloween? Stop by and check the sculpted cauldron set, an accompanying stirring animation and a colorful set of animated water textures (perfect for all of your Halloween magical soups).

The animation book series continues with the release of QAvimator 2 (Couple and Group Poses). Everything new, everything set to L$60. Prices are good this weekend, grab them before they go up!

The Winter Market

Co-organized by Builder's Bargains and Clutter for Builders, the Winter Market opens its doors today!

From October 6th to 21th, several full perms merchants feature several of their items for you to get ready for Winter and Christmas... and many of them are released at a sale price!

Black Tulip has joined this event and offers four items, three of them, new, all at discounted price (you'll find the updated version of the "Sit next to fire animation" ... now with mirrored version too!)


The Winter Market in the official Builder's Bargains blog.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Femdom Hunt III

Have you completed the Full Perm Hunt 6? Then hurry, for this hunt will be over October 8th. And if you wish to continue hunting... October 12th begins The Femdom Hunt III, and the adult store will participate in it.

The organizers are doing an excellent job. Every stage is coordinated and explained very clearly, meeting the deadlines for each stage's walkthrough, documenting it thoroughly in their blog, sending numerous notes and individual follow-ups whether there are issues to fix or there are not. This happens of course in the rest of hunts, but it has been in this one where I have noticed this very specific way of keeping everything and everybody up to date.

So once again... Get ready your hunter shoes! October 12th, The Femdom hunt is here. (Keep in mind that this is a mature/adult hunt - In order to get to my store, specifically, you will need to be age verified.)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Animations, a Sculpt Set and a Book

Autumn is here and we begin feeling like crawling into bed. Then let's crawl into this sculpted bed and night table set, and warm it in the two solo female adult animations. Also, the animation book series continues with the release of QAvimator 1 (Poses and Props). Everything new, everything set to L$60. Prices are good this weekend, grab them before they go up!


Check here the adult animation ads

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend deals and the Twisted Hunt

This weekend we have a new release in the store, set to L$60 for Sixty Linden Weekends, plus a couple of hunts that have started.

The new release is a slide show script for one prim, with some extra options. It will allow you to display a slide show on the face of a prim, incorporating all the textures you install into the object, changing slides either upon touch or on a timed interval.

There are some owner only functions:
  • Decide if the slides will be switched upon touch or on a timed interval
  • Set the full bright property of the picture on or off
  • Set the timer interval
  • Set which face of the prim will display the slides

The documentation also includes an Appendix which explains how to optimize the LI of the builds you create with this script, when it is possible.

Regarding the hunts. One is Too cute to be true. For this one I've made a full permissions animation for creators. This time I've made it a bit more complicated to find.

Then, the other hunt running this month...

Yes, that's it. The Twisted Hunt. I'm already dressing the store for the event, so expect it to be changing during the month. Expect also the boxes to be changing location during this time.

My personal theme for this run of the Twisted Hunt is Alice in Wonderland. I will try that all the hints are quotes from the book. There's an Alice setup in the store, but this of course doesn't mean the gifts will be there. They may, or may not, it depends of what I decide when I change them.

Once the current hint is not useful anymore, I will publish it together with the location the gift was in. That means, when you see a hint published here... I've moved the gift.

There's the regular gift, and one for petites. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Halloween News!

There are five new releases this weekend at the main store. Five creator tools including two scripts, one book and two sets of poses. They all are intended to be supplies for creators, to get ready their products for Halloween.

Let's begin with the "big brother" of the hunt prize I made for "Build a Nightmare". That script worked only on one prim, and I thought it would be a good idea to make a linked version, which allows to minimize lag. Not only that: if you read the documentation, you will also find out how to decrease the LI of your items built to be used with this script.

The following book is a reviewed version from a class I made two years ago. It also includes helper tools that the class didn't have, like the 1-LI background and pose stand with bonus pose.

And finally, a script to help creating flying brooms, by covering the Animation Override part, and two packs of poses to be used with it:

If you click on your attachment when it is attached (owner only), the AO script will also show you a menu that will allow to select one from all the poses/animations that the object may contain.

And everything released at 60 L$ during the weekend!

Don't miss this deal before prices raise to the final ones on Monday.

Have fun creating Halloween items!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Messenger Tool

There it is a new tool added this week. Released under 60 L$ weekends, this little jewel will allow you to send messages, notecards, landmarks and others, to a list of people of your preference (say students, say clients, say your close friends). It's a HUD, so you can use it wherever you are.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Textures, an animation... It's weekend!

Weekend is here!

To begin with, I've released new a set of textures at promo price, at my satellite store at the Creators Village (Builder's Brewery). The whole set is now available there only for 75 L$ - Once the promotion is over, it will come to the main store at normal release price.

Then we have 60 L$ weekends, and a new full perms animation released for it!

If you have animation sets where your sub/pet/slave is exposed and waiting for you to do something, and you were missing a standing animation for the dom, this is your animation, "His Approval." The mirrored animation is included, as well as two static poses if you wish to use them in photo props.

Also, a book and a script from my existing stock. Go see which ones :-)

And don't forget also to check out the home and garden store!
Super Sales Weekend is another event running, and I will be setting items there from both the home and garden store... and the adult one!


So the weekend is here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Migrating to Direct Delivery

Please be patient with me. I have to migrate (including a review of all landmarks, links, licenses and other details) 70 items, and I'll be uploading the about 50 new ones. Not a huge listing, I know, but I would like to have it done today. It will be worth it. I'm already loving Direct Delivery and the new options.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Builder's Bargains! - Multi Door Tool, this weekend only

The group "Builder's Bargains" caters to offering, each two weeks, the best deals in supplies for creators. I'm proud to have joined as merchant, and this is the first sale I participate in: May 31th to June 3rd.

I'm offering my multi-door tool at the amazing price of 150 L$ during these days. Check the whole list at the website for all the rest of great deals that you will find.

Builder's Bargains - From May 31th to June 3rd.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The "Home and Garden Expo" is now open

And I'm proud of showcasing in there this year, together with many great creators.

For this Expo I've worked hard in releasing many new items. I'll post them later in the week. The ones I'm showing now, and that I hope help in raising funds, are these:


There's a story in my life that makes crystal roses to be so special to me. I thought that this would be a good moment to introduce my own.


This fountain will fit any spot from your garden. It controls, via a menu, the sound (to turn it on/off) and the light that comes from the base (also to turn it on/off.) You may also decide who will take control over these settings, as the menu incorporates an access management to set it to owner only, everybody, or just the group the fountain is rezzed under.

Enjoy, and remember that the Expo will run until May 28th!

Monday, May 14, 2012

[RETIRED] Sculpted prims and a new book

As I promised, next releases would be for creators, and here they are! Right now, you may find in the main store four sculpt maps sets (very affordable prices):


and one more book for the "Basic Scripting for Builders" series. The third book, featuring the essential "on/off effects upon touch" topic.

You will see how easy it is to have only one script performing many actions on/off upon touch. Let me guide you through this book and you'll make it :-)