Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[RETIRED] Log Cabin and Several Sound Scripts

The Log Cabin

For an unknown reason, SL was consistently eating the log cabin I was living in, so why not, building my own one? That's how this cozy log cabin was born: a 20x30 lovely cabin that uses only 42 prims (all the sculpted prims have been custom made to achieve this low prim house).

And of course, all the doors in the house feature my multidoor tool, so low prim, low lag, but high in charm. Are you waiting to try it?


Scripts to Play Songs and Sounds

These are the three first scripts from my new line of scripts to play sounds and songs. More to come very soon, with more options.

Plays a song from all the sound clips in the inventory of the prim. Full permissions and detailed instructions to edit it.
Basic Play Song Script available in Marketplace.

Plays one from a maximum of 12 sound clips contained in the inventory of the prim, by showing a menu. Full permissions and detailed instructions to edit it.

Plays one from any number of sound clips contained in the inventory of the prim via menu. This menu also allows to change the volume of the clips played. Detailed instructions of use.

Currently working in more advanced sound scripts, featuring more options. Stay tuned!

Friday, December 23, 2011

[RETIRED] Cottage, Lovers Garden Retreat and more in the store

To get ready for the Christmas Expo, I finished a few items that were "in production" and produced a few more for it. All of them are a part of this update. Check them at the new store location!

The Greenhouse

Featuring my new simple watering controller script, this low-prim greenhouse is perfect for your garden. The box contains two versions: with and without water system, as well as other extras like tables and several planters (empty and with tulips.)


Do you like the water controller system and want to add one to your already existing greenhouse? Then you can acquire separately the script itself:

Simple Watering Controller script in Marketplace.

Lovers Garden Retreat

Talk about gardens... How about having your own little slice of Heaven to share conversations and some intimate moments with your loved one? Enjoy the animations and sequences happening both in the bench and the tree area from this set. You're loving them!


Forest Cottage

And what about this lovely house?

It uses an area of 24x26 squared meters, fitting in a 1024 squared parcel and it just uses 45 prims. All the sculpties have been custom-made for this house so the prim usage was kept to a minimum. The doors are linked to the house and are controlled by a single script, featuring my multidoor tool: low lag!


Forest Cottage (Miniature)

The same house, but in miniature version (only 41 prims.) For all of you, doll houses fans!



This time I'm also adding two new full permissions animations for creators:

More items soon to come!

PS: Yes, I'm also working in making an uniform branding style, as well as updating old items. All permissions for furniture will change to copy/modify/no transfer. After some thinking, I'm sure now that this is the way to do things.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Presenter and Multi Door tools, available

I'm very happy to announce the two following tools in my store: the presenter and the multi door tool.

The presenter comes from more than 16 months of teaching experience in SL. I began developing a simple notecard reader that nowadays has derived in a really helpful and featured tool.

It's not my word, but what all people that have helped me testing say, including people as Eleanora Newell, whose suggestions I have to say, have been my pleasure to work on, for the tool being the most complete possible in this first official release.

So, are you an instructor? Not an instructor but need to conduce a presentation?

Take a look at this, then. You won't regret it.

[Black Tulip] Presenter, available at Marketplace.

The second item in this release is the Multi-Door/Drawer/Curtain/lid Tool. A set of scripts that will make your life really easy for your houses, furniture or other items to have their doors, drawers, lid, etc, open and close, at a really low lag cost.

One of the common nightmares for builders is to have linked doors, drawers, etc, in their builds, so they can easily setup all and offer a link set, not a soft link, to their customers. This tool comes to help all of them.

[Black Tulip] Multi-Door/Drawer/Curtain, available at Marketplace.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let me get lost in your eyes (GIMP tutorial)

New book in the store! Do you want to learn a technique to create eye textures by using GIMP? Then don't miss this one:

Available, as usual, at Marketplace and my store inworld.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New scripting book: Notecards

The "Class in a box" series, book format, adds a new title with this medium-advanced scripting course: Notecards. If you have followed the whole "Speaking LSL" course (or have equivalent knowledge), you'll be able to do this.

Reading notecards is a process widely required as soon as we begin our career as professional scripters. Configuration notecards aren't but the norm in basically any application we may think of.

Notecards, available at Marketplace and my store inworld.

Updated courses in book format

Now it's the turn for the "Particles" and "Music!" classes to be (improved and) updated in the new book format (87 and 28 pages respectively, plus all the supplies and scripts full perms required). They're available both at my store and at Marketplace.

Take a look at what you're missing!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Updating Courses in Book Format

Courses are a living creature, as well as many, many others. So I decided to develop a book engine, similar to IntelliBook or iThink, and rework my courses to box them in this, more convenient, new format.

I'm alternating this with working on new items for the store so, right now, the following items have been completely updated in this new format:

  • Speaking LSL 01 and 02, Anatomy of a script, Variables
  • Speaking 03, Functions
  • Speaking LSL 04 and 05, Flow structures and logics, Lists
  • Animating Textures and Cell Animation

It's not only a new format: I'm adding more and more information to them, as the pictures show:

More books coming soon!