Monday, December 28, 2015

Black Tulip... Turns Five!

Black tulip turns five! And we're continuing with our tradition of making a 50% off sale in *all* our stores. (Please check note.)

Sale is up until January 8th, which will be the last day. After that date, some items will be retired to make room for new releases. Those items will be retired from Marketplace as well.

We're taking the chance to wish you a wonderful 2016. Thanks for your support :-)

NOTE: Individual poses and complete book packs are not included. Gachas are included.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New website in the works

At Black Tulip we're always trying to improve our customers' experience, and for that reason, we want to let you know that we're currently working on a major website redesign. The new website will include a clients area, which will be particularly useful to customers purchasing the Blender books.

We would like to take the chance to remind you that there are several ways of contacting us, should you have any problem with our products and services:

  • Questions prior to any purchase, notifications of any kind of issue (from a mistaken price to a griefer at the store), suggestions: IM Auryn Beorn inworld. Don't worry and state your question as you open your IM! The sooner she knows what you need, the sooner she can help you. Also, don't worry if her profile shows her as offline: She receives offline IMs on her e-mail and will often get back to you when offline.
  • Problems setting up a script: Use the Customer Service Form. Please fill it out with as much detail as possible. The more we know about the problem, the less time you'll have to wait to have it fixed.
  • Double purchases, redelivery of items, custom work: Use the Customer Service Form.

We also want to remind you that Black Tulip is close to its fifth anniversary, and there will be a 50% off in all stores: Designers (scripts, books, mesh, animations), Poses and Props, Home and Garden, and Darkness.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope that the upcoming website will be of your liking and will improve your experience with us.

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Ice Queen and Hope, new for The Liaison Collaborative

The Liaison Collaborative opens its doors at 3 PM. This month's theme is Winter's Calm, and we're participating with two new pose sets and a new gacha set (poses too): The Ice Queen series, and the Hope gacha. The Ice Queen complete packs are discounted 45% off during this round at the event location. Click here for your taxi!

The gacha is set to L$25 per pull, and you get one pose plus the mirrored one per try. The rare item includes a wearable snowflake (also for the mirror pose).

Friday, December 4, 2015

Blender Books: Discount Packs

Now that the Blender Basics Series is complete, we're releasing several discount packs.

On one side, we're releasing the units 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Blender Basics each one as a pack, which is 25% off the price of purchasing each book separately (Blender Basics unit 1 consists of only one book):

Blender Basics Series 2x Complete in Marketplace.

Blender Basics Series 3x Complete in Marketplace.

Blender Basics Series 4x Complete in Marketplace.

Blender Basics Series 5x Complete in Marketplace.

The complete series is available in a single pack, 30% off the price of purchasing each book separately:

Blender Basics Series Complete in Marketplace.

We've also set in packs, 25% off the price of individual purchases, the two complete intermediate series Creating the LOD models and UV Mapping Intermediate.

Blender Intermediate Creating the LOD Models Complete in Marketplace.

Blender UV Mapping Intermediate Complete in Marketplace.

Remember that you can use Marketplace to purchase them as a gift :-)

Also, remember to click here for the page with all the updated download links.