Saturday, July 21, 2012

Textures, an animation... It's weekend!

Weekend is here!

To begin with, I've released new a set of textures at promo price, at my satellite store at the Creators Village (Builder's Brewery). The whole set is now available there only for 75 L$ - Once the promotion is over, it will come to the main store at normal release price.

Then we have 60 L$ weekends, and a new full perms animation released for it!

If you have animation sets where your sub/pet/slave is exposed and waiting for you to do something, and you were missing a standing animation for the dom, this is your animation, "His Approval." The mirrored animation is included, as well as two static poses if you wish to use them in photo props.

Also, a book and a script from my existing stock. Go see which ones :-)

And don't forget also to check out the home and garden store!
Super Sales Weekend is another event running, and I will be setting items there from both the home and garden store... and the adult one!


So the weekend is here. Enjoy!