Friday, May 1, 2015

Ghost Avatar and dark poses for Oneword

A new round of Oneword opens now, Darkness. We're releasing a ghost avatar (click to read more), the The Ghost #1 poses set, the Looking Inside photo prop and a group gift for the Oneword shopping group members. Grab your taxi for the event.

The Ghost Avatar v1

This is a project that begins with Auryn's need of having a pose-able ghost for dark pictures: she needed it to be an avatar, so it would deform with poses made for the SL avatar. This avatar is in a very early stage. Why releasing it, then? Because you can start having fun with it now, Auryn plans on improving it as time permits, and you will receive the updates for free.

What does this v1 contain?

  • One modify rigged mesh ghost avatar. Tint it as you wish.
  • One HUD to control several features:
    • Two facial expressions
    • Glow
    • Full bright on/off
    • Show/Hide the complete avatar
    • Play an eerie sound (Please do not abuse this function if there are other avatars around)

There's an available demo, make sure to try it out first.

Group gift for the Oneword shopping group members:

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