Saturday, February 1, 2014

(Lots of) News!

This weekend we have quite some news! Several events begin today, we have our usual weekend releases, and there's also a new group gift out. Enjoy! :-)

Get ready for St Patrick at the new Creators Market

New for Creators Market:

New Group Gift:

New for Sixty Linden Weekends:

The Tainted Love Hunt

«It seems that you're curious about who'll be your future love. How considerate is from you to ask.»

The gift is an animated vanity set that will give you the option of knowing who'll be your future love. Then it tells you a short story and shows you who they will be.

Surreal Complex (Dreaming)

Surreal Complex suggested three topics, and Auryn chose "Dreams". From "Dreams" she thought of the word "Dreaming", and now we release eight new props, one per letter, including an explanation of what each one means.

D is for Daydreaming.

«Daydreaming. Paint a world of hopes, people and places where you want to be.»

R is for Resolve elusive problems.

«Resolve elusive problems. At times, our mind may surprise us by solving a problem within our dreams. Learn to read your own signs.»

E is for Explore yourself.

«Explore yourself. Dreams may show you your seams, your weak spots and your dark places. Learn what makes sense to yourself.»

A is for Absorb events.

«Absorb. Our daily lives are composed of many small details that, although unnoticeable for us, are registered by our minds. In our sleep, the mind processes everything, completing the cleanup of what's not needed. This cleanup process may create dreams that mean nothing and are in extreme surreal. Enjoy them, one never knows when a great idea may come from dreaming with dancing aliens in the middle of the water.»

M is for Memories that come back

«At times, our mind may get stuck in the past, trying to make sense of what happened time ago. It may be a recurring dream with a different outcome than what happened for real. Perhaps our mind is trying to tell us "I haven't moved on yet".»

I is for Imagine new worlds.

«As a result of processing everything that happens in our life, our dreams may produce a completely different new world. Your creativity may be benefited: give life to those worlds and let your mind have more dreams.»

N is for Nightmares.

«Nightmares. They're unique in making us fear what it never was there. Dark places of our mind that tell us, not everything is peace inside us.»

G is for Good morning.

«Even the worst nightmares come to an end. A new day begins, and again the light fills the room. Enjoy it. Good morning!»

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