Monday, October 21, 2013

New releases for "Spooky Times"

Isabelli Anatine, from "Uncertain Smile Poses" has organized an event called "Spooky Times", featuring Halloween related items from several creators. It opens today at 4 PM SLT and will close October 31th. I've put together a couple of new items, released to promotional price (both set to L$150 now). Once the event is over, they'll come to the main store at full price (that will be L$225).

Your taxi, here. Head to the little room full of easels and goodies to check out. Have fun! :-)

Remember submitting to the store Flickr's group your photographs, whether using the prop or the furniture, I'd love to see them! Join here and add your pics:

Pssst: This week, a major release is coming. One of your favorite scripts, updated. Stay tuned :-)

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