Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Blender book, full perms mesh for creators and a special group gift

This weekend, "UV Mapping & Texture Basics" continues with the second chapter, introducing us more in detail into the UV/Image Editor and the seaming process. A notecard with the required download links is included.

Remember the "Spooky Times" event (still running!)?

I decided to release the mirror as a full permissions object for creators, at the main store. There are two mirrors included in the package. One of them has an extra face that you could use to perform scripted tricks to show/hide an image over the mirror surface :-)

This weekend is also time to celebrate!

The last weekend, the group hit the number of 250 members, and I've prepared the following gift to say thank you all!

Activate your group tag and grab this Murphy bed for a single avatar, ready to work together with a sitter system *and* the door script, taking advantage of one of the new features of the recently released door script. Notecards with the setup are provided in case you have the script and want to save time setting the bed to work as a real Murphy bed :-)

Talking about doors, remember that the door script V2 is still set to 50% off its price during this weekend only!

Online documentation:

Have a great weekend :-)

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