Saturday, August 15, 2015

Watcher of the Sea, Ariel, and The dance of the mermaid, new poses for Enchantment

Black Tulip has joined the quarterly Enchantment event, which is all about fairy tales and being inspired by them. For this round, The Little Mermaid, we're releasing four sets of poses, and are participating in the hunt (at our poses and props store): Watcher of the Sea, Are you okay, stranger?, The dance of the Mermaid, and Human for a day. Watcher of the Sea and Are you okay, stranger? have a story behind it: Watcher of the Sea.

Click here for your taxi.

Hunt gift at the Poses'n'Props store

Friday, July 31, 2015

Vintage TV, full permissions, new for The Challenge

The Challenge opens now, and we're releasing a new full permissions mesh set, the Vintage TV set, plus a textures pack with six clean colors, and six grunge colors. It's set now 50% off its price during the first week.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The chocolates store set: New full permissions mesh release

There's one new release at the main store: the chocolates store set, full permissions. It consists of the store counter, cabinet, and three trays with chocolate goodies (donuts, "palmeras" and "cuadraditos"). AO Maps, UV Layouts and baked textures are included. Released now to L$325, it will go to full price after the weekend (L$675).

Here's the catch: If you're a group member, you get it for free!

Auryn Beorn has started writing a tutorial series that you can check for free at her personal blog: a guide for merchants. Link for the introduction and the first post:

She'll be adding more content in the following weeks. You can check for all the links on this page: Merchant Resource

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Studies on the underworld bookcase, new for Genre

Genre is a monthly event that showcases items with a top price of L$100. For our first round participating, under the theme The Underworld, we've created the Studies on the Underworld bookcase, which is populated with all books related to the Underworld. Almost all the book titles are fictional! Click here for your taxi.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

New full permissions taberna counter and sign for Builder's Bargains

We have two new full permissions mesh kits for this round of Builders Bargains: the taberna counter and sign, and a set of wine glasses. This last set contains several objects to give you different choices at low LI cost and strong LODs: one single glass and then one row of six glasses, one row of eight glasses, two rows of six glasses, and two rows of eight glasses. UVs, AO maps and baked textures are included.

Everything is 50% off their prices during the weekend. They're available now at Black Tulip's booth in the Builders sim.

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