Thursday, October 24, 2013

Multi Door/Drawer/Curtain Tool V2, is here!

It was November 2011 when the first version of "Multi Door/Drawer/Curtain Tool" was released, and since then, it has made easier the life of hundreds of builders, when it comes to script doors. During this time, some of you have requested new features to the tool, giving some cool ideas, and now, Version 2 sees the light! Before anything else, I want to thank you for your suggestions, and for your patience. It's been a whole month of developing, testing and (of course!) writing quite extensive documentation about it. It's my wish that the final result is worth your time and consideration.

It's released now under Builder's Bargains to 50% off its price, so if you didn't buy the first version, now you can get a great deal!

Online documentation

Why do I say "if you didn't buy the first version"? Because if you bought the first version... A free update should have knocked on your door :-) (no pun intended)

This is not the only news, and there will be more for the weekend. Keep reading to know about FOUR online tutorials I have added in my website.

Four new online tutorials, including "Doors in SL"

I wanted to prepare a tutorial related to building doors, to accompany the release of V2. As I was writing, I realized that there would be some other topics that would be a good complement, like talking about how to link phantom and non phantom prims, or talk about sculpt prims... so I went for the class material of my classes about, and after some work over said material, you can now check online the following tutorials:

The "Doors in SL" tutorial explains how to build all sorts of doors, from regular prims, to sculpts and mesh! This is an essential resource to builders that you don't want to miss out.

Feel free to share the links if they could help more builders :-)

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