Friday, October 4, 2013

Blender is back! UV Mapping and Texture Basics 1, in the store.

Blender course is back!

I will not be publishing one new book every week this time, they'll be more spaced. Anyway, it was time for the course to continue, and it does with the first chapter of the new series: UV Mapping and Texturing Basics. The complete series will explain everything we need to learn to unwrap our model and texture it using GIMP/PS, as well as how to create multi-face mesh objects for SL.

First in the series, released to L$60 during the weekend, is out now:

Another book has made its way through Builder's Bargains, so this is your last chance to get it at reduced price. "Music!", the original class about how to give more life to our objects by making them play full songs (prepared with Audacity), with extended material and full permissions scripts. (Reduced price is only at the main store location!)

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