Wednesday, September 1, 2010


By acquiring any script package, you agree to:

  • SET Permissions for Next Owner of all scripts included in your purchase to one of these:
    • Copy/No Modify/No Transfer
    • No Copy/No Modify/Transfer
    Detailed instructions about how to do all this follow.
  • NEVER give away any of the scripts contained in your purchase under any circumstances with both copy and transfer permissions enabled for next owner. NEVER leave modify enabled for next owner.

The script/s you purchase are EXCLUSIVELY to be used in the items you sell/gift: you are responsible for any misuse. Alts are not recognized. Partners are not recognized. Licenses are per account. If you're found sharing the scripts with other accounts with both copy and transfer permissions, your license is void.

How to change Permissions for Next Owner correctly?

The quickest way is to change them in your inventory, so you have them ready to drop in your items.

To do this, right click the script you want to set permissions for next owner, and click the Properties window. This opens a window where you will see a line at bottom saying:

Next owner can:
[ ] Modify [ ] Copy [ ] Resell/Give away

By checking those marks we ALLOW what the next owner can do. By leaving them empty, we're restricting what next owner can do.

NOTE: Resell/Give away is what, in short, is generally referred to as TRANSFER.

If your build is COPY/NO TRANSFER, you should adjust the permissions for next owner of the main script this way:

Copy/No Modify/No Transfer

If your build is NO COPY/TRANSFER, you should adjust the permissions for next owner of the main script this way:

No Copy/No Modify/Transfer

Use an alt to check permissions for next owner, to make sure you've set them correctly.

Check this tutorial about the basics on permissions in SL and the Preparing your products for sale. Permissions... and more of the Merchant Resource series for more information and examples about how to set permissions for next owner correctly.