Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Full perms mesh objects created by Auryn Beorn are intended ONLY for content creators so they can USE them in their creations.

By purchasing any of these mesh objects you HAVE NOT purchased the ownership of them, nor does your purchase grant you full rights for their use. What you're purchasing is a LICENSE for LIMITED USE, ONLY as outlined in these terms and license conditions. By purchasing this license for use of Black Tulip mesh objects, you are agreeing to follow the terms of this license, and you agree that these mesh objects you have been given permission to use will NOT be distributed to others in their full permission-copy/transfer, unprotected state.

The specific terms of Black Tulip mesh objects' license for use are:

  • You are NOT allowed to transfer Black Tulip mesh objects to anyone else with both copy AND transfer permissions under any circumstance, regardless of whether they are being sold or gifted.
  • Mesh objects should NOT be sold or gifted as-is. Black Tulip mesh objects are to be used solely for the purpose of enhancing products by legitimate content creators.
  • You must change either the transfer or copy permissions on Black Tulip mesh objects before they are distributed as part of your creations.
  • You must take steps as outlined below to help ensure that Black Tulip mesh objects are never transferred to anyone else with full permissions by mistake.
  • You may not reverse engineer the mesh objects in order to obtain a .dae file. Access to the original .dae files is NOT included in the license of the mesh objects.

This license is valid only for Second Life.

By purchasing and/or accepting these full permission mesh objects, you agree to abide by the specific terms of this licensing agreement. If you do not agree to these terms or if you are unable to comply for any reason, you must delete all Black Tulip mesh objects and retain no copies of them. Because of the full permissions state of Black Tulip mesh objects, I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON.

Violations of Black Tulip's License Agreement will be reported to Linden Labs; further legal action may also result.

Protect your investment and the integrity of Black Tulip mesh objects by making sure that you NEVER FORGET to change the permissions before transferring an item.

The best way to abide by the license is to take care of it immediately after purchase:

  1. After unpacking the mesh objects into your inventory, please locate the folder where the mesh objects are stored.
  2. REZ the mesh item. Right click to choose "Edit". Click the "General" tab and look for the permissions for NEXT OWNER at the bottom of this tab.
  3. Uncheck either "Copy" or "Resell/Give Away" (Transfer), depending on what permissions most of your products are transferred or sold with.
  4. Delete the mesh object *in your inventory*. Now take the rezzed mesh object with the permissions changed back to your inventory.
  5. Repeat this for EACH Black Tulip mesh object you have purchased or received.

Of course, you will be able to change the permissions later if you need to, but if you have them set from the moment you unpack, you will never forget to set them later.

Please feel free to contact me, Auryn Beorn, if you have any questions about the mesh objects or this license agreement.