Saturday, September 7, 2013

New poses: "Doll's Dream" Set 1

Summer is almost over, and it's time to start going back to work. Actually, during vacation, I have been taming my inventory down (again) and updating the doors script with a great deal of features. The script is currently in the hands of beta testers, so my wish is to release it very soon. You are going to love it :-)

In an attempt of warming up and put myself back to the weekly "routine", I've created a set of poses. Beware that they ARE NOT full perms!

I have opened a new build on the sim, sort of a "gallery" if you wish, where I plan to sell pictures (always original works) and set a whole room that I will be filling with poses and props for photography. The poses are first released in any of the sales events the store participates into, as a whole pack. Once the sales event is over, I will be moving them to the new building, and in there you'll be able of purchasing individual poses or the full pack. In both cases, if you have your group tag active, you'll get a 10% discount.

If you don't know the Doll avatar and are a fan of SL photography, I encourage you to look for it (feel free to IM me and I will explain and send LM, but PLEASE open your IM directly asking about it). Although in this first set of poses I've used Doll indeed, the poses work for the standard SL avatar. Remember that you can try them out at the store and check for yourself.

Contact changes - Please read :-)

In an attempt to improve the customer support, I have added several forms in the store website. The links are below, but before you check them out, I want to call your attention specially about the "Blender Books Assistance" one. If you have purchased the books, are following them, and get stuck at any point, I encourage you to use that form! I will help you shortly, and also, I will be using the information to complete a help resource that will also be available in the store website.

UPDATED - All forms have been centralized under the Customer Service Form.

I have changed the policy regarding to how it is appropriate to request support - of any kind, and you can read this indeed now in my profile:

«Do not use IM. All Customer Support goes through the following webpage prepared for it: - I will IM you back providing help.»

This doesn't mean that "I don't want to talk". It doesn't mean that I'm cutting the communication.

This, on one hand, is to help me make sure I don't miss notecards/IM's because I crash while AFK or whatever other reason. On the other hand, it lets me know better what the problem is when I'm not inworld, so I can be faster in helping when I go online. Some of you have sent me very well explained notecards (which I love), but sadly I can read those only once I'm inworld, and it's easier then to be distracted.

I hope this change will be better for all of us :-)

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