Thursday, September 12, 2013

New photo prop, new group gift, and sales

This weekend, there's a fun new photo prop with five poses released to L$75 (Full price will be L$225), under the topic "What? Empty Gift Box?":

The kitties in the new photo prop looked so cute, that I thought they would make for a back-from-vacation-group-gift, to be included with your decoration, or if you want to make a huggable one, why not :-)

The three kittens are full perms and contain the UV template, AO map and a couple of baked textures. Drop by the main store and get them just by activating your group tag:

To complete the weekend, a couple of books have made it into the "Builder's Bargains" sale hop, so this is your last chance to get them less than 50% off. They are "Introduction to Animating Avatars in SL" (set to L$75, full price being L$175) and "QAvimator 1" (set to L$125, full price being L$275).

Have a great weekend :-)

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