Friday, October 28, 2016

The Garden Gate and Sei's UniDoor script

Sei Lisa has released a fully featured door script, UniDoor. We're releasing The Garden Gate to accompany it. The Garden Gate is a particularly ornate set that gives a touch of class upon rezzing. Both the arch and the door have their physics set. All objects have hand-made LODs for optimal display at any distance while keeping low LI. Baked and material textures are included. The Garden Gate will be 50% off for a week.

The runtime door script may be purchased for redistributing doors already set up with UniDoor: UniDoor - Runtime script in Marketplace. If you want to set up the doors yourself, then you also have to purchase the Setup script: UniDoor - Setup script in Marketplace. If you have any questions about this script, please direct them to Sei Lisa.

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