Friday, November 7, 2014

New poses and props for A Tattered Page, new mesh kit for November Nights

A Tattered Page is a new in-store event, based in books. Each round has a book that designers have to read, and then create their items inspired by the book, with a catch: Including a notecard where the designer explains which exact quote from the book gave the inspiration and why. This event requires that one item is exclusive, meaning, after the event is over, the item will be no longer sold. The first round is for Frankenstein, and we've released two new items. The couple pose Wedding Night is the event exclusive, so after November 30th it will be no longer available.

If you like reading, A prison for your mind and Wedding Night explain more about the quotes chosen and why.

Click here for the complete shopping guide of the event.

Today also opens the November Nights hunt, and our hunt gift is:

Hint: All the creatures of the night will be drawn by its light.

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