Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday and new releases

Welcome to a crazy sales weekend! Black Friday is here, and Black Tulip joins by having all the new items set to L$60 during the weekend, but also, having a 50% off sale for several items at both the main and adult stores.

The QAvimator series continues with the third book, "Animating avatars". As a special deal for this sales weekend, the prerequisite books have also been set to L$60. Then we have more animations and poses for creators, together with a not-your-everyday-giver script. Two hunts have started ("Full Perm Hunt 7 - Sculpts Only" and "Silver Lining" from the "Monochrome Hunts" series). There's just a lot to see this weekend!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Silver Lining Hunt

I was reading the SL Hunts blog and this one caught my attention: Silver Lining. The organizer gives you a color palette, and your gift has to use it. The Silver palette inspired me a breaking soul, so this gift is waiting for you:

It begins November 24th. Remember that Full Perm Hunt 7 begins 22th... That is... OMG! It is HERE!

Ready, set... Hunt!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Full Perm Hunt 7 - Sculpts Only

It's here again! Full Perm Hunt, in its seventh edition, devoted this time only to sculpts. Black Tulip's gift is closely related to this:

Get your hunter shoes on! Full Perm Hunt 7 begins November 22th.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Particles... and more

The weekend is here, and we have now released a new book for the particles series (flow and motion) as well as three animations. One of those animations is a sequence, ready to work with the "Take It Off!" attachment system that was released Thursday. Release prices are good now, Monday they will go up again.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Take It Off!" (and more news)

This round of Builder's Bargains comes with a new script that will make your attachments more alive than ever, and the "big brother" of the snowglobe script.

The following script is what had me busy lately. A new scripted attachment system I've decided to name "Take It Off!", and that will allow you to make your attachments to be more alive than ever. Take your glasses off and on, hats, pipe smoking and, of course, naughty uses too...

Exercise your imagination and surprise your customers with the new possibilities this tool allows:
  • Gender dependent sound per animation step. Gender is selected via menu.
  • Facial expression per animation step.
  • Global particles effect, master and slave attachment may have each one its own.
  • Sound, facial expressions and particles can be globally turned on/off (each one separately).
  • You may add up to three compatible scripts to have their menus fired from this tool, like resizers, texture changers... (beware though, this function works in the master only, for now.)

(If you're an animator and are interested in more details, to create animations that will work with this script, please contact Auryn Beorn inworld.)

This sequence animation is part of the Sixty Linden Weekend items, but it's released early, for it's a complement to be used with this new "Take It Off!" script. Yes, released early, at sale price :-)

Did you like the snowglobe script? You will love this one. It makes everything its "little brother" did, plus it allows you to play one from up to 20 songs. All those functions, packed in just one script. Wow!

Now it's your chance to get it at release price.

Sixty Linden Weekend items are coming very soon!
Stay tuned for the news.

Black Tulip, at the SL Christmas Expo

Mark your calendars from December 6th to 19th, for the 2nd edition of the SL Christmas Expo, in support of Relay For Life, is coming! Black Tulip has joined as sponsor in the gold category in what we hope will be a fun event. All the information can be found at their blog:

I'll see you there!

PS: Builder's Bargains is at the store! List coming tomorrow!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New MLP book and weekend deals

The MLP series continues with a book devoted to study how to make wonders with the pose balls. Don't be afraid if you're not a scripter!

While the news for next week arrive, you can also check the books and script set to 60 L$ this weekend too.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Basic Scripting for Builders 4" is here! (And yet more news)

Long time awaited, "Basic Scripting for Builders 4" is here, and is released under 60 L$ weekends! It covers a lot of material and makes this series to be closer to its end.

Then we have a featured mailbox tool, sculpted desktop mailboxes too, and a new animation and poses. Everything is released new and set to L$60. Prices are good this weekend, stop by the store before they go up!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

[RETIRED] New Tool and Couple Animation

As every other week, Builder's Bargains is here, and two new releases are out this time: a tool for sculpt and furniture creators, and a couples animation.

Many sculpties to show and little room for them? Would you like to be able to show more color and texture combinations that could be used in your furniture and other decorating creations? This rezzer will help you. Easy notecard setup and some owner only functions available via menu.

50% off during the weekend, don't miss it out!

Sei Lisa joins "Black Tulip"

Let's welcome Sei Lisa to "Black Tulip". She's a very skilled scripter that has joined me and will surprise us with RLV enabled and adult items as well as other tools and amazing animated items.

I'm very glad to have her here, and soon you will know of her creations.