Saturday, December 1, 2012

[RETIRED] Multiavatar Staff Pager V2 and Animations Weekend

For this event of Builder's Bargains, we've released an updated version of the multi avatar staff pager board. Most likely, one of the lowest lag and LI (Land Impact) multi avatar staff boards in all the grid.

Optimized scripts from the previous version, and optimized LI of the pre-made, included boards. Thanks to this, you may have up to 50 avatars in a single, linked board, using the minimum possible of resources.

Highly customizable, group/white list management functions, backup ability, and new auxiliary tool included for you to set it up easily, make of this board an essential tool in your business.

Sixty Linden Weekends is here, and for this event we're in animating mood. Stop by the store and take a look to the SIX NEW animations released this weekend. Each of them, L$60 this weekend only.

Also, "Hidden Gems Hunt", organized by the Super Sales Weekend team, has just started. Your gift, should you decide to stop by the adult store and hunt for it :-)

This is the last hunt of the year where Black Tulip participates. Have fun!

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