Saturday, July 28, 2012

[RETIRED] New Poses, Builder's Bargains and more

Weekend is here, and this time there's a new set of poses released for the 60 L$ weekends event. If you liked the "Love Song Piano", these poses complement it nicely for photo prop scenarios.

The poses are full perms, so you can later sell your props settings.

For Builder's Bargains, I've set my "Sound & Light" script for fountains to just 50 L$. Yes, you've heard it right: just 50 L$. And you can get it from Marketplace too, at the same price, only until July 29th.

Don't forget to check out the Builder's Bargains blog for all the news, and please join the group if you're so inclined!

Finally, for Super Sales Weekends, I've decided to set my Greenhouse to only 95 L$.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Textures, an animation... It's weekend!

Weekend is here!

To begin with, I've released new a set of textures at promo price, at my satellite store at the Creators Village (Builder's Brewery). The whole set is now available there only for 75 L$ - Once the promotion is over, it will come to the main store at normal release price.

Then we have 60 L$ weekends, and a new full perms animation released for it!

If you have animation sets where your sub/pet/slave is exposed and waiting for you to do something, and you were missing a standing animation for the dom, this is your animation, "His Approval." The mirrored animation is included, as well as two static poses if you wish to use them in photo props.

Also, a book and a script from my existing stock. Go see which ones :-)

And don't forget also to check out the home and garden store!
Super Sales Weekend is another event running, and I will be setting items there from both the home and garden store... and the adult one!

So the weekend is here. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Full perms poses and sculpt maps for 60 L$ weekends

This new release has gone directly into the 60 L$ weenkends, so if you wish to have these poses and the chair sculpt map full permissions at this very special release price... now it's the time for it!

Once the weekend is over, these items and also the "Love Song Piano" builders kit will be back to their normal price.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

[RETIRED] "Love Song Piano" Builders Kit & Inclusion in 60 L$ Weekends

There have been so many news and all of them happening so quick during the last two weeks that, the truth is, I've been unable of keeping up with everything here. So, to amend it, let's go with the news for this week.

The most relevant is the complete "Love Song Piano" builders kit, whose display is now available at the main store:

I began building this piano to make a gift (a very special one!) and before I realized, I had made all the sculpties, textures, the animation and the music script.

So we find, in one of the boxes, the sculpt maps to create the piano, as well as some textures for the wood, fabrics and metal.

Another box is a "playing piano" animation. Looped, lasting 10 seconds.

Finally, the "My Music Box - Basic Edition" script.

Don't get fooled by the name. It says "music box" and "basic edition", but this little low lag jewel is going to allow you to have up to 100 songs, volume and access control via menu, AND... lets you set several spinning prims if you wish, so you can use this script with your piano... or with music boxes, gramophones and other instruments with rotating parts... all in the same script! The included sample shows this.

If you want the whole kit, then you can acquire a box that contains the sculpted piano and textures, the animation and the script, at a reduced price.

Everything will have a promotion price from now and until I take off the 60 L$ items. To complete it, I'm also offering two of the full permissions piano songs at a very reduced price. So stop by the main store and check it out.

Something important to mention is that the last week was the first time that "Black Tulip" joined Sixty Linden Weekends. Yes, my store has been included into this great list of merchants! The last week I offered one book, one animation and one sculpted set.

This week, I will be offering another book, and the members of my group have a gift which is also a sneak preview of the other two releases.

So let's give a clue... If they are full perms, and they allow you to create this...

... what the two new releases that will see the light at 60 L$ weekends, are?

Oh well, we will know very soon...

Meanwhile, I'm continuing updating the Marketplace listing!
Most likely, I will add a page here classifying the Marketplace products. To have handy a listing with prices is... priceless.