Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[RETIRED] It is Texture Change Time!

So the Spring comes and we want to change our clothes... well so our textures!

This week's release is not just one, but three texture changer scripts for builders. The basic edition for furniture, the full edition for furniture, and the super-duper full edition PLUS resizer all in one, specially designed for jewelry.

They will be very soon available at the Marketplace, and only during this week, at a very special introductory price at the main store. Check them out at the "Scripts & Tools Demo Area"!

Introductory price will last until May 1st. You really don't want to miss it!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Adult Store is now Open

As I was telling in advance in my previous post, the adult store is finally open. It's a little, cozy, dark store, located in Meqara Point, as a part of "Kink Town."

The first set I've released is called "Obscura." It's a whole living room that will fit the darkest places, somehow classic. You can make the gramophone play some music and decide about the lightning (lamp and bookshelf) while you take care of your slave on the chaise lounges featuring high quality animations and a top-of-the-line low lag texture changer that I will be releasing to the public very soon.

You can purchase separate items, or complete packs (having the packs a smaller price than if you bought the pieces separately.)

Finally, I've added a purification bench (I'm specially proud of the effects in this one.) Next post will contain all the ads and list the features of the most important parts of this set, which will be growing in time.

So this is it: "Black Tulip" goes adult. Enjoy. Indulge yourself.