Friday, August 19, 2011

[RETIRED] Musical Animated Ballerina

This box contains two versions for your musical ballerina, both of them for all users/owner only (that makes a total of four versions). One of them plays the animation continually (the one saying "Loop" in the name), while the other will play the animation only after having clicked and selected a song (the one saying "Click to start" in the name).

Both versions have a menu that will let you choose one among six music box songs, to accompany the animation.

I hope you enjoy this musical ballerina as much as I've done while creating it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[RETIRED] New book: SculptCrafter (The Basics)

"Class in a box" keeps growing with the addition of the book "SculptCrafter: The Basics."

SculptCrafter is an inworld tool that allows us to create sculpted prims from our builds made inworld. This book will guide you through the basics, will do a brief overview over the available shapes that we can use, and show you how to link phantom and non phantom prims.

[RETIRED] White bathroom

Our cozy house would not be complete without this clean white bathroom, which also includes a vanity set to get ready after a relaxing bath.

Check this set, composed of:
  • Animated bathtub with steam on/off, sound on/off and two poses (3 prims)
  • Animated chair (1 prim)
  • Vanity table (two versions: sliding drawers COPY-MOD/NO TRANS, 6 prims; fixed drawers, 2 prims; both give hair comb on touch)

And the complements:
  • Laundry basket (5 prims)
  • Plants (8 and 12 prims)
  • Book and rose (3 prims)
  • Brushes & lipsticks(3, 1, 1, 3, 2 and 2 prims)

New scripting book: Notecards

The "Class in a box" series, book format, adds a new title with this medium-advanced scripting course: Notecards. If you have followed the whole "Speaking LSL" course (or have equivalent knowledge), you'll be able to do this.

Reading notecards is a process widely required as soon as we begin our career as professional scripters. Configuration notecards aren't but the norm in basically any application we may think of.

Notecards, available at Marketplace and my store inworld.

[RETIRED] My deskplace

Continuing with the "Cozy series" furniture, what about a deskplace to work in your latest orders, to study or just to relax navigating your favorite webpages?

Then check this deskplace, composed of:
  • Animated chair (1 prim)
  • Shelf + table (1 prim)
  • Laptop (1 prim)
  • Shelf (1 prim)
  • Books (1 prim each, 3 total)
  • Plants (7, 8 and 12 prims)

Updated courses in book format

Now it's the turn for the "Particles" and "Music!" classes to be (improved and) updated in the new book format (87 and 28 pages respectively, plus all the supplies and scripts full perms required). They're available both at my store and at Marketplace.

Take a look at what you're missing!