Thursday, April 21, 2011

Updating Courses in Book Format

Courses are a living creature, as well as many, many others. So I decided to develop a book engine, similar to IntelliBook or iThink, and rework my courses to box them in this, more convenient, new format.

I'm alternating this with working on new items for the store so, right now, the following items have been completely updated in this new format:

Speaking LSL 01 and 02, Anatomy of a script, Variables
Speaking 03, Functions
Speaking LSL 04 and 05, Flow structures and logics, Lists
Animating Textures and Cell Animation

It's not only a new format: I'm adding more and more information to them. If you have purchased the previous versions, don't hesitate to tell me! I keep all my transaction logs, no 30-max-days madness. If you bought them, you're in my list: ask for the updated version, and I'll send the update to you as soon as possible.

Don't take my word: Check the pictures.

More books coming soon! ("Music!" is about, about, and "Speaking LSL 06" is going to be a blast to close the "Speaking LSL" course).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

[RETIRED] Cozy Living Room & Coffee Set

Cozy Living Room

Feeling like moving to the forest cabin, now that spring is here? Then perhaps you'll like this living room, perfect to enjoy the long afternoons and evenings talking with your friends (or that special one).

The set consists on:
  • Two couches (each one sits one avatar)
  • The cabinets
  • The coffee table
  • Two flower vases
  • The books
  • The coffee set
  • The cookies boxes
  • The rooster plate

Each item can be rezzed independently, so you can create multiple combinations.

The Coffee Set

You've liked only the coffee set and don't want to purchase the rest? Then there you have it, boxed apart. Enjoy!

The rest of the furniture pieces are also available, separate, at my inworld store. Go visit if you're interested only in one of them.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

[RETIRED] Sweet Model Poses

My first complete pack of poses: "Sweet Model Poses". Six standing, seven sitting/laying.