Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[RETIRED] Multiavatar Staff Board

Purpose and features

The purpose for the set of scripts contained in the "Staff Pager" folder ("Check Staff Status", "Staff Pager" and "Staff Memory") is to provide the following features in a single object (which we'll call here "board") that groups several panels:
  • Show the picture for the staff members
  • Show their current status (online/offline/on break)
  • Allow to each staff member to set their current state as "on break" or not
  • Allow to each staff member to set their current picture
  • Allow to any user to send an IM to an staff member *if* the staff member is available (this is: online AND NOT on break)
  • Allow to any user to request to receive an informative notecard from any staff member (provided that notecard exists)
  • Allow to the owner of the object to change the current state for *any* staff member
  • Allow to the owner of the object to change the picture for *any* staff member

What does "on break" mean?

It means that the staff member might be either online or offline, but that's not relevant, because they've marked being "on break", which can be understood like "on holidays" or whichever other reason. The purpose is that no matter they're online or offline, they don't receive IM messages from the board.

What are the advantages of this system compared to the usual single-pager panels?
  • You only need three scripts to control no matter if they are 10, 20 or 40 panels per board, instead of 40 individual scripts if you had 40 panels
  • This system is pretty low lag, as there's only one script per board, and not per panel, to check the online/offline status
  • It's pretty easy for the owner of the educative center/studio/club/etc to control all the data from a single panel
  • The output sent when you force a reset can also be kept as a "backup copy" in your inventory