Saturday, February 19, 2011

Speaking LSL 04 and 05

Speaking LSL 04: Flow Structures

Table of Contents for Chapter 4 (FLOW STRUCTURES):
  • Conditionals in LSL
  • The conditions: an introduction on boolean logics
  • Building the condition
    • Building the condition: Simple conditions
    • Building the condition: Compound conditions
  • What do you really mean with "TRUE"? Knowing when your condition is TRUE.
  • Rules for NOT, AND, OR (Truth tables)
    • Rules for NOT !
    • Rules for AND &&
    • Rules for OR ||
  • Our washing machine begins taking her own decisions
  • Proposed exercises
  • Loops
    • Loops :: WHILE
    • Loops :: DO WHILE
    • Loops :: FOR

Speaking LSL.04 (Flow Structures & Logics), available at Marketplace

Speaking LSL 05: Lists. Complete reference

Table of Contents for Chapter 5 (LISTS):
  • What are lists?
  • About initializing lists
  • Total of items for a list. Numbering items.
  • Operations defined for the list variable type
    • Operations: Concatenation (+)
    • Operations: Casting to string
    • Operations: Clearing a list
  • Are lists limited in size?
  • How do I retrieve the item located in a certain position?
  • What if I don't know the index for an item, but want to obtain that index because I know the value stored?
  • Covering a list with a loop: How many items a list has?
  • Assigning a value in a list position
  • Deleting items from a list
  • Sublists
    • Inserting a sublist within a list
  • Formatting functions
  • Parsing functions
  • Sorting and strided lists
  • Bonus example

Speaking LSL.05 (Lists), available at Marketplace

Monday, February 14, 2011

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