Sunday, December 12, 2010

[RETIRED] Crystal Fantasy Jewelry

When you work with "virtual crystal", sooner or later you find yourself working with gems, and learning a few tricks that add life to your creations. In this class we'll learn one of those tricks, creating a glassy effect for our gems, which we can use both in jewelry, or even in bigger pieces as adornments at our homes. Yes, I've said "gems". But this effect can be extended to other items.

Table of Contents:
  • The glassy effect
  • A suggestion to play with
  • From normal, to tiny: adapting our gem to jewelry sizes
  • Creating our final pieces of jewelry
    • Piece 1: The ring
    • Piece 2: The bracelet
  • Bonus tip

[RETIRED] Particles & Animating Textures


Table of Contents Part 1:
  • Particles: A definition, persistence and lag
  • First common questions... and answers
    • How can we stop particles?
    • Is is possible to have more than one particles effect per primitive?
    • How do I achieve the particles emitting from the top of the prim? (an example, for a candle)
      • Trick I: Use slice
      • Trick II: Design your sculpties having the particles in mind
  • The Tool «Ez Particle Generator HUD»
    • Quick overview for the HUD
    • Creating particles effects with the HUD
  • Understanding «FLAGS»
  • Understanding «STATIC» and «PATTERN»

Table of Contents Part 2:
  • Quick overview on lists
  • Empty lists: Stopping particles effects
  • Understanding how the llParticleSystem function is built
    • Particles presentation
    • Particles behaviour
    • More properties available for particle systems
    • Appearance section
      • How colors are expected(PSYS_PART_START_COLOR and PSYS_PART_END_COLOR)
    • Flow & motion
  • How to create a "particles script" using the HUD
  • Creating common effects
    • Effect: Fog
    • Effect: Explosion
    • Emitters

Animating Textures

Table of Contents:
  • Working with our helping HUD
  • Declaration for llSetTextureAnim
  • Cell animation with llSetTextureAnim
  • How can I create a texture for being used in cell animation?
    • If you have an animated gif...
    • If you use GIMP/PS...
  • Final notes
    • Repeats per face, sizex, sizey and unexpected behaviours
    • We can only have one texture animation running on a prim
    • Degrees to radians
    • Side numbering
  • Final note: llSetLinkTextureAnim

Speaking LSL 03: Functions

Table of Contents for Chapter 3 (FUNCTIONS):
  • Functions: A definition
  • Declaring functions
  • Declaring functions: Our first steps understanding the wiki documentation
    • Example 1: llSetText
    • Example 2: llFrand
  • Declaring functions: The (complete) formal definition in LSL
  • Declaring functions: Making our washing machine change color and spin

Speaking LSL.03 (Functions), available at Marketplace