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Bringing your Imagination to Life: Scripts, animations, mesh, sculpts, textures, business and education tools, and the most complete books with tutorials about Blender and creating in SL. Check the user licenses at the landing point before your purchases! Flying over 80 meters is not allowed.

The main store is located at Black Tulip (171,128,25)

Contact Information

  • Use the Custom Support form for any inquiry or issue you may have. I'll get back to you soon, specially in cases of double purchases or delivery failures. Free items are NOT supported.

    WEEKENDS: Support is limited to solving issues with double purchases or SL eating your delivery. DO USE the Custom Support form.
  • Do not use IM. Auryn Beorn will help you when the completed form is received, within 24-48 hours (except vacation, sickness or weekends).

Before your purchase...

Black Tulip's scripts and mesh items often contain SAMPLES to help you setting up your items: sound clips, completed builds, animations...

This does NOT mean that the samples should have set the same permissions than the item actually being sold. You are purchasing a license to use the item with the features listed on the ad, not for the samples. If you wish to also have a license to use the sample assets in your builds, do ask me.


Following you'll find the most up-to-date licenses for all the building supplies and books/courses you'll find in my store. Please check them before purchasing. Purchasing means that you accept them, and there will be no refunds (except for double purchases).

Store Policies

Need help?

  • We strive to give you the best help possible, but you have to help us help you. It is mandatory to submit the following form when requesting assistance, no matter this is for a script or any other inquiry: Customer Support.
  • Free scripts and tools are not supported. Check that you've followed the directions supplied. Make copies before tweaking them.
  • We are able to give support only for the tools we have written. Please contact the creator of the other tool you may have problems with.
  • Don't be mad at us when, trying to assist you, we explain to you something you already know. We can't know what you do/don't know. In order to help you, we have to make sure we've forgotten nothing :-)


  • Remember that there's an 8 hours period for Marketplace delivering your item.
  • Make sure that Auryn Beorn is the creator of the item you have purchased in Marketplace before complaining for non delivery.
  • Contact with us by using the specified forms. We all make mistakes. But we can only fix ours if you tell us what happened.
  • Scripts can't do everything. Auryn Beorn can explain to you if Black Tulip's items are what you need, before a purchase.

Custom Work?

  • Auryn Beorn is available for custom non-exclusive mesh and poses, and photography.
  • Sei Lisa is available for custom scripting.

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